The Dog Called Hitler In his stories, the author presents the effects of the dilettante governments in Communistic state (Poland) from the perspective of human gray, generally capita of Lower Silesia province. Both those who naively believe in the promised a bright future in communism, and avowed his opponents - were sentenced to gray vegetation, to look for ways to circumvent constitutional reefs. Sentenced to life in the thicket of bureaucratic nonsense, in poverty, without hope of improving their fate, amid dreams of reduced almost to the very survival. Communism, even this "with a human face", from the beginning was built on falsehood and disbelief in the possibility of its repair became more widespread, leading to an open denunciation of obedience by citizens in the 80's. Valerian Domanski leads us through the world of communist nonsense. The sympathy of the author is, of course, on the side of the victims of the system, involved in the hardships of life in communist Poland. Tragic situations are often collide with humor, satire and even grotesque. Stories are written in simple language, without frills styling. The book is negative encyclopedia of communism given in attractive literary form. Few authors writes interesting and at the same time factly about the times of communism.