I sail in the seas
and in the oceans,
in the sun and in the rain.
I am not afraid of storms.
Sails up, sails down,
Turn rudder left, turn rudder right,
or no turn…keep straight.
I watch the sea, sky, clouds,
from time to time I have company,
agile fish race with my boat.
In the morning, squinting my eyes
I am looking at a beautiful sunrise.
At noon, the friendly sun is washing gently
my body.
In the evening I am admiring sunset.
At night I comfort sad moon,
and gossip with the stars.
Lovely silence!
Great loneliness without people!
Happily I sail so many days,
And I have only one problem…
in the middle of ocean I forgot… what is my destination?

Walerian Domanski
August 24, 2012