Fall in the village

Without saying …good by
noisy geese suddenly did fly away,
only shrill calm left on the lake.
At the wet meadows in dense fog
haystacks look like big fat women playing hide-and-seek.
In the doghouse…bored dog is scratching ear.
Swinging in their hips,
lazy, happy cows, finally are marching
back home from field… making dust on dirty road.
Tired, sleepy sun is making bed with black long shadows.
Girls are laughing, just as the clowns…
for them is every day only spring time.
Barns are full of straw and hay,
fat potatoes are sleeping  in the pile.
From horizon to horizon…emptiness,
stubble-field stings my barefoot,
smoke from the fire-places creep above the surface.
and warm wind is kissing my face.
Old women, covered by colorful kerchiefs,
are walking to the church,
white angels ring for them the bells.
In drunk and dirty bar
bored waitress is poking ear.
On counter flies are sleeping, snoring.
Everything is same as was one year ago,
nothing is to worry.
But why I am sad? Why my heart is empty?
Where is my happiness?

Walerian Domanski
July 19, 2012
August 18, 2012